Media relations

I used to be broadcast journalist and I’ve also run one of the biggest public sector press offices in the country.  I can help manage your media relations operation, whether that’s on an ad-hoc basis or whether you need someone to run your press office full-time.  Perhaps you need help with a reactive issue or require assistance with improving your proactive coverage?  Email via or give me a call and let’s see what I can do to help.

Internal communications

How is it at your organisation?  One-way from the top to the bottom or true engagement?  Having a properly informed and engaged workforce is vital to your success.  I can help review your internal communications tools and channels.  Talk to me about how I’ve improved internal communications in the past.  You can also email me via and I’ll come back to you.

Crisis communications

Life isn’t always plan sailing.  You might be a whizz when it comes to assessing and managing risk but one day you may find yourself in a situation which threatens the reputation of your organisation.  Don’t get caught out.  Let’s talk about how I could help you prepare your crisis communications plan and how I could help in the event of an upset.  I offer a 24/7 response service.  Send me a note via and I can tell you more.

Public relations

I faced an angry residents’ group once which was rather upset about the behaviour of a group of people I represented.  Let me help you learn from my mistakes.  We can talk about how to ensure your relations with your local community or the public in general is kept on an even keel.  Email via or call 07973 174319.

Social media

Do you know what the words “tweet” and “hashtag” mean?  If the answer is “no”, then let’s talk.  I can explain how social media might help your organisation communicate more effectively and engage with your customers or stakeholders.  To see what I mean, follow me via @andy_carter today.  If you’re still a bit ‘old-skool’ then send me an email instead:

Change communications

Some organisations always seem to be in the grip of some kind of restructure.  Perhaps I'm wrong, but yours may need to change at some point.  Ensuring you effectively communicate that change is really important.  I’d love to talk to you about how I might be able to help, whether that’s planning the communication activity or actually delivering it.  Too busy managing change to talk?  That's fine.  I do do email as well:

The other stuff

Although I have experience of consultation and engagement, brand(ing) and identity, graphic design and marketing, these aren’t my main strengths.  However, don’t leave just yet!  Please give me a call or drop me an email to and I’ll put you in touch with some amazing men and women who can assist.


01609 897578

07973 174319

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