Legal training for journalists

I had to go a face a man in a wig once because of a mistake that one of my journalists had made.  It wasn’t nice.  Let me help your news staff avoid a day in court by running a law refresher course for them.  And, if you need legal cover, I can put you in touch with a legal eagle.  Get hold of me via or please call.

Legal training for presenters

In my experience, as the person responsible for legal issues across a group of radio stations, it was the presenters that got us into hot water the most.  Opening their mouths between records without engaging their brains was a potential disaster.  Throw in the mix of a live phone in and the dangers were immense.  This course will help your presenters understand the biggest legal issues and how to avoid trouble.  The course also explores the challenges presented by social media.  Drop me a line via for more information or call 07973 174319.

Legal training for PR and comms staff

The law has changed a lot in the last few years and press officers has become publishers.  That means they are now subject to the same rules and regulations such as defamation and contempt of court.  We offer a law ‘refresher’ course to remind your staff of the laws as they apply to them.  We also cover things like social media, copyright and privacy.  We understand that each communications team has different needs and interest, so these courses are not ‘one-size-fits-all’.  Instead we’ll work with your to deliver a bespoke course covering only the topics which are most relevant.  To discuss your needs, please give us a call or send an email to

You can't escape video content on the internet these days: it's everywhere.  And, it's not just about cute animals doing funny things.  Many organisations are using video to tell stories and engage with the audiences they wish to reach.  While there will always be a need for professional film crews, you'd be surprised what you can achieve with just a smartphone.  We can teach you how to make the best of the device in your pocket on this one-day course.

There's more information on the full course page.


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07973 174319

I admit it: I used to take pleasure in asking the difficult questions when I was a broadcast journalist.  Having “been there and done that” I’ve got a pretty good idea about how the media works.  I offer a media training course to help you practice (in complete safety) your interview technique.  Not everyone is like Jeremy Paxman, but it’s always a good idea to brush up your skills.  I can tell you more via or you’re welcome to pick up the phone to speak to me.  Oh, and if you’re about to go on-air and need a quick refresher, call me straight away.

There's more information on the full course page.

Use your smartphone to create high-quality video

Media training and interview skills

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